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They All Can't Be Right: Do All Spiritual Paths Lead To God ?

They All Cant Be Right Do All Spiritual

B&H Books

Author: Steve Russo

You need to read a copy of They All Can't Be Right: Do All Spiritual Paths Lead To God? : do all spiritual paths lead to God? an excellent book. Written by Steve Russo and it was published on the 15th of September, 2004 by B&H Books. In the Dewey Decimal System number is B. The children's book is 151 pages long. For more information on this children's book, check out the market add to cart button below.

The crisis facing youth these days is not that they are disinterested in the spiritual. Barna statistics show that “ churched kids” feel no differently than “ unchurched kids. The opposite is true. The true crisis today is the reality that they see all spiritual paths equally valid and have no allegiance to any absolutes. ” Into this spiritual potluck, Steve Russo offers the truth about these so-called paths to God and delivers the excellent news about the Way. Teens will learn to evaluate other faiths and see that the biblical witness can be trusted as the absolute inside the search for meaning and truth in this life. Postmodern youth crave a connection for the spiritual.


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