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Pearl Of Great Price For Kids (lds Scriptures)

Pearl Of Great Price For Kids

Gospel Tangents

Author: Rick Bennett

Children love Pearl Of Great Price For Kids (lds Scriptures). The author is Rick Bennett and the publisher is Gospel Tangents. This children's book became available sometime in January of 2011. The book has 28 pages. To see the discount I found, click on the link on this site.

The Pearl of Great Price is really a book of scripture for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Until now, there has never been a children's version of this book of scripture. The book should appeal to children ages 2-10. This will be the third book of LDS scripture we have put together (Doctrine and Covenants for Kids, and Book of Mormon for Kids.) We hope you'll enjoy this as much as we enjoyed generating it! I wrote a handful of stories from this book of scripture, and my children Brandon and Jessica illustrated the book.


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