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Nephi, Nephi, The Scriptures Are True

Nephi Nephi The Scriptures Are True

Deseret Book Co

Author: Anita Wells / Neal Anderson

If you find yourself wishing to buy a child's book We've come up with some good info. Nephi, Nephi, The Scriptures Are True is a superb book. Written by Anita Wells / Neal Anderson and it was published by Deseret Book Co. The was available on bookshelves sometime in 2004. The child's book has 32 pages and it is packed with amazingly colored illustrations.

Nephi, Nephi, the scriptures are true. I followed the Lord through desert sand And sailed a ship to the promised land. Tell me what they say about you?

Similar to bestselling children's books Brown Bear, brown Bear, What Do You See? The final page features a beautiful, panoramic illustration of the Savior with supporting text that teaches children that all of the prophets testified of Jesus Christ. The simple, rhythmic words crafted by Anita Wells combined with all of the elaborate, detailed art of Neal Anderson will help children learn regarding the faith, determination, and courage of thirteen people from the Book of Mormon. and Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? Comes a new, oversized, illustrated book teaching young Latter-day Saints many critical events inside the Book of Mormon.


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