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Mormon Cricket Man Lds Superhero (lds Superheroes)

Mormon Cricket Man Lds Superhero5 Star Rating
Mormon Cricket Man Lds Superhero
"Mormon Cricket Man Lds Superhero"

The author is Golden J McKay and the publisher is Ba Da Bing, Inc. This book went on sale sometime in 2011. The child's book is 198 pages long. As you read, envision this circumstance inside of your head, add to cart by clicking the weblink below.

The author for Mormon Cricket Man Lds Superhero is Golden J McKay. mormon cricket superhero superheroes creature half

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Manufacturer: Ba Da Bing, Inc.
Author: Golden J McKay


A CREATURE. The boy faces grave danger just before being rescued and well cared for by a swarm of mormon crickets. The world soon learns with the mysterious cricket boy from Provo, Utah. Legend says the creature would come out at night and climb for the leading spire from the temple in order to watch over the city and help those in need. half boy, half mormon cricket, destined to turn out to be a do-gooder yet shunned by the public for his odd look. Not knowing what to do, his parents seek the advice of their LDS Bishop plus a super, secret LDS mission call is extended for the cricket boy. There'd never been an LDS superhero before and it was never the boy's intention to grow to be one, but somehow he did and this is his incredibly wacky story. After returning to the human planet his family tries to hide this unfortunate family secret, but the boy accidentally reveals his unusual physical traits and talents while defending a friend at school. Filled with hilarious characters, thrilling adventures, and a well crafted story, readers young and old will lose themselves in the pages of this crazy adventure. He becomes Mormon Cricket Man whose mission is usually to protect the Universe from the forces of evil. Through a series of mysterious events the tiny lost boy's DNA exchanges with his adoptive mormon cricket father's in order that inside the future whenever he becomes scared or angry the boy becomes portion mormon cricket. Mormon Cricket Man - The initial LDS superhero is born! A hilarious tale of a small Mormon boy accidentally left behind in the salty Utah desert by his loving, but highly overpopulated Mormon family members.


  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • No. Pages: 198

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