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Little Snowflakes: A Lesson In Love

Little Snowflakes A Lesson In Love

X.D.I. Publishing

Author: Robyn Pearl Izquierdo

You will have to read Little Snowflakes: A Lesson In Love - a lesson in love an important book. Written by Robyn Pearl Izquierdo and it was published sometime in 1999 by X.D.I. Publishing. The book is 89 pages long. To get your very own print of this children's book, check out our affilate link.

The story follows a young girl's discovery in the significance of really like and all the joy and sorrow it can bring. Her loved ones has moved once once again with the Mormon Church to Illinois, and they must band together to start over. Her desire to give her father a unique Christmas gift opens up a loved ones secret and teaches Emily the pains and rewards of loving. Set in Nauvoo, Illinois, in the early 1840's, Emily's story brings the events of Mormon Church Background into focus, as they would happen to be seen via the eyes of a young girl.


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