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In Your Place

In Your Place5 Star Rating
In Your Place
"In Your Place" Is Now A Must Have Child's Book

You have got to read a copy of In Your Place the perfect book by Rachel Ann Nunes. Written by Rachel Ann Nunes and it is published by White Star Press. This children's book was available sometime in 2011. The book is 211 pages long. To find the best offer on a copy for this children's book besides other items, visit our affilate link on this site.

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Manufacturer: White Star Press
Author: Rachel Ann Nunes


Young Adult novel ages 11-20What if there had been a couple— maybe just one— who fell in love before coming to earth? Rae is sure she has finally found the man she was destined to marry. Then along comes handsome and daring Dave Channing, who is everything Andrew is not. Although there might not be a “ one and only” for everyone, In Your Place, takes the reader on a journey of romance and possibilities as two people fall in love in the pre-existence and strive to stay in love forever. But has she? Raelyn Love and and Tiago Carvalho might just be such a couple, but going through the veil adjustments anything. and beyond. Once on earth Rae knows she should be excited when her long-time friend Andrew begins hinting about marriage, but instead she finds herself dreading the moment when he'll finally pop the question. Written especially for teens and young adults, In Your Place convinces us once more that love is a single of the most powerful emotion within the globe.


  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • No. Pages: 211

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