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The Fight For Right: Strength For Youth In The Latter Days

Fight For Right Strength For Youth

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You will have to read Fight For Right: Strength For Youth - strength for youth in the latter days an important book. The book is 100 pages long and it comes with black & white illustrations. To get your very own print of this children's book, check out our affilate link.

Today's youth are confronted daily with tough choices. Readers will find: examples of teens who have helped their friends resist temptation; thoughts on music; reasons to be honest; incentives to reside a morally clean life; suggestions for Sunday activities; concepts on selecting videos, music, and movies. Here, beneath 1 cover, are helps for youth. The planet entices them to partake of its pleasures, while parents and Church leaders plead for them not to abandon the principles of righteousness the Lord has revealed.


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