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The Children's Book: A Collection Of Short Stories And Poems; A Mormon Book For Mormon Children

Childrens Book A Collection

Currant Bush Press

Author: Augusta Joyce Crocheron

I must reveal to you an excellent book called The Children's Book: A Collection Of Short Stories And Poems A Mormon Book For Mormon Children. The author is Augusta Joyce Crocheron and it was published sometime in 2012 by Currant Bush Press. The book is 194 pages long, select the weblink below.

The believed came into my mind, Write a book for the children; and while I listened, it became a desire and a pleasant one, for I would dearly love to turn into the household friend of a quantity of little kids who are growing up inside the homes of the Saints. Many pleasant hours have I spent in story-telling, and surely my pleasure was as great as theirs ; stories to sleepy eyes, out within the summer moonlight on the veranda, with great patches of flowers faintly showing inside the shadows of wide branches, and night-birds singing more than us; story-telling on rainy afternoons, or by roaring hearth-light; at house and abroad— how many listeners there happen to be. If I could only show to my little friends with the present time, the sweet faces remembered looking anxiously into mine, it would be the best component in the book; those— no story could equal. Would that I could make these, also, my friends, as the authors I so loved were mine. so false. If they are willing to listen, I will tell them several true stories, not fairy ones, indeed, of which tiny ones are so fond, so fascinating, but, alas! Two good Brethren, who believe more using the youth of our people than they do of riches, had been kind enough to lend me the use of what was needed to accomplish the object. This book might be the fulfillment of a wish expressed by President Brigham Young a short time before his death, and in conclusion he said, “ Who will write a book for the kids? ” To attempt this was in my power, however it required means to publish, and this I could not do alone. No, these need to be true. AUGUSTA JOYCE CROCHERONBountiful, Davis County, Utah, September 3, 1890 But I really should not tell you what I have read, as I did those little hearers, it genuinely should be some things that I have recognized. Pleasant smiles and kind words from good hearts are sometimes worth over silver and gold. And, if I should ever travel from home, as a quantity with the Sisters do, to visit the associations, I would be happy to have you tell me, if we meet, if something written herein has pleased you.


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