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Book Of Mormon For Kids

Book Of Mormon For Kids
Author: Rick Bennett

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One day, I asked my children about a Book of Mormon story, and they had no notion what I was talking about.) Brandon advised that we make a child's version with the Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Wonderful Price too. Brandon was so excited about the prospect that he thought we could sell it! I feel it's ok to read a Bible so much that it gets worn out. My kids loved the idea. Perhaps we will! At first, I laughed in the idea. I have looked for a children's version of the Book of Mormon, but they had been all a bit too mature for my 7 and 5 year old to know. Children ages 2-10 will enjoy this book. But with the Kindle, publishing is much easier so, I believed I would give it a shot! They utilized a bit of artistic license: Samuel the Lamanite features a pirate hat, there are elephants on Nephi's ship, various Nephites do cart-wheels once they see Jesus, and the sun and trees frown when Nephi breaks his bow. So, I decided to write it myself, and have them illustrate it. I hope to do the identical with the Book of Mormon. Included are 25"essential"stories from the Book of Mormon. I necessary a single thing that would teach to their level. My kids are the illustrators. (But make sure your kids don't destroy your Kindle! Keep informed of our progress at www. com Our Bible was read so much, it's practically destroyed now. Gospel Tangents.


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