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Blossoms Of Faith (in The Times Of The Prophets)

Blossoms Of Faith

Spring Creek Book Company

Author: Launi K. Anderson

In a series of letters to her friend in Salt Lake City, Violet describes her family's journey to southern Utah and their struggles to establish a Mormon settlement.
Written by Launi K. Anderson and it was published on the 1st of October, 2004 by Spring Creek Book Company. The paperback child's book talks about Mormons as well as Letters and Family life and it is regarded as fine fiction. If you are within the library you can likely search for it using the DDC, PZ7.A54375 Fl 2004. The children's book has 110 pages.

Ma has a jar of flower seeds stored away in the trunk which she hopes to plant about our new house. He means, of course, Ma, my sisters and me. You know my Ma and her flowers. Pa says the six flowers he brings to Dixie will be plenty enough to beautify the entire countryside.

Life is very good for Violet's family in Salt Lake City throughout the early 1860s. The prophet's request comes unexpectedly, but they go willingly. Then Brigham Young asks Violet's household to help the Saints settle southern Utah and grow cotton. Violet promises to write faithfully to Mattie and tell her about their adventures there. Violet attributes a best friend, Mattie, who is like a sister to her.

Violet soon learns that life in St. Wild animals reside in the hills, wood is hard to find, and in between the dry spells and the floods, plants just won't develop. Violet has a strategy to get some flowers for their mother, though, resulting in a surprise for Violet's entire family members. George is much distinct than in Salt Lake City.


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