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Baby's First Book Of Dysfunctional Cults (bawdybuilders Series, Book 5)

Babys First Book Of Dysfunctional Cults
Author: Brian Washt

Baby's First Book Of Dysfunctional Cults (bawdybuilders Series, Book 5) is a must own children's book. The book has 43 pages. Even though reading can be something of which everyone can engage in, there are indeed various ways where you will make the thrill far better. Some declare they do not have enough time to read, however reading can also be a wonderful use of time, especially with the right children's book. Purchase a copy of this child's book, visit our store link on this page.

Do your tiny ones often lie awake at night worrying about when the alien spaceship is going to arrive and take everyone to heaven? Washt goes on to guide you and your kid to a deeper understanding of dysfunctional characteristics unique to specific cults, such as mass suicide, homicide, UFOs and polygamy. Get Baby's First Book of Dysfunctional Cults… because sometimes it's not okay to drink the Kool-Aid. At last, you and your child can decide together regardless of whether or not to join a cult! 40 pages. Then you need Baby's First Book of Dysfunctional Cults, Book 5 in the BAWDYbuilders Series! So don't delay! In this handsome picture book, author Brian Washt introduces tender young minds to the ideological tenets of any soundly-dysfunctional cult— “ love” and “ acceptance” adeptly molded into mind manage and loss of personal power.


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